Zip Curtain - Proof Screen

Profiles that can be painted in desired colors can be easily worn with the curtains passed by the Plug & Play technology through the steel zipper and It is perfect match with the fabric zipper. The zipper operates on the inner channel and since cable components are mounted inside the profile, it does not cause any visual distortion. Proof-Screen curtain systems are wind resistant, regardless of what angle the wind comes in!

In tests that have been made have proven to be resistant to wind coming at speeds of 80~120 km/h.

Easily changeable motor / fabric and easily coverable pipe.

Easily changeable motor / fabric and easily coverable pipe.

Different fabric usage in interior and exterior applications.

Curtain profiles can be selected from all RALL colors.

All curtains work with high sun protection.

Able to be closed up to the base by its closing strip.

Able to be applied to all window types. (Aluminum, PVC, Wood etc.)

Able to be used in private properties or cafes, restaurants, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, schools, etc.